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buywithcredicardmerchantservicesWhile there are many merchant payment service options available today in the global payments space, not all are proven, efficient, cost effective or beneficial to merchants.

Here’s a look at how you can benefit from the specialized experience and proprietary offerings of TVPS:

We assist merchants in reducing the cost of their bankcard payment fees.  With the spiraling costs of credit card acceptance today, this is a critical issue for most businesses. Through operational and technical efficiencies we mitigate excessive interchange downgrades – the predominate variable cost that represents 90% of a merchant’s monthly aggregate bill.

Most merchants believe that interchange is interchange and everyone is on a level playing field.  This is categorically false!  There are over 1000 different rates having a fixed cost that range on average between 1% and 3%.  Many factors such as the card type presented, or specific data fields and values for certain Merchant Category Codes (MCC) are required to be passed along through the interchange system to receive the qualified (best) transaction rate.  When data sets are missing, a transaction downgrade occurs causing a much higher rate assessed to the transaction.  Many factors can cause downgrades from systems to end users.  Interchange optimization is an art form, a science, a mathematical exercise, and an ongoing investigative challenge all-in-one.  TVPS is committed to detecting and resolving the many oversights that contribute to lost revenue for our merchants.


We assist fast growth online merchants in mitigating costly mistakes ensuring that our merchants have the proper tools to remain profitable, compliant, and satisfied with our services. The payments space has morphed from its humble beginnings into a highly evolved and regulated industry.  There are many players, products, rules, and complexities.  Consider that there are more than 5 major credit card networks, over 10-debit networks, ACH processing, check processing, stored-value card processing, gift card processing, mobile/wireless processing, and more with each having separate rules, policies and procedures as well as mass networked systems that tie it all together.  Merchants can become overwhelmed and often find themselves in trouble. TVPS provides a consultative partnership approach for merchants to help ease the confusion and prevent costly mistakes.

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